Ultrasone NAOS DAC

Nyd musik i god kvalitet direkte fra din mobil eller computer.

Den er mindre end en pakke mintpastiller, men lyden er i top.

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Yderligere information

Nyd musik i god kvalitet direkte fra mobilen eller computeren. Virker på PC, Mac, IOS og Android.

Hi-res in your pocket

The DAC in the NAOS allows source material to be converted up to a resolution of 192 kHz and a word width of 24 bits. In this way, not only do MP3 files and uncompressed signals in CD-quality benefit from the NAOS’s precise conversion, but high-resolution streaming services can also be played in all of their glory. The NAOS enables lossless enjoyment and studio-quality music on a smartphone.


  • compatibility: Smartphone (iOS, Android), Tablet, Notebook/Computer (Mac OS, Windows)
  • output: 3,5 mm mini-jack
  • frequency: 10 Hz - 30 kHz
  • dimensions: 46 mm x 18 mm x 6 mm
  • weight: 6 g

Items delivered:

  • included adapter cables: Micro-USB, Lightning, USB (Typ A), USB-C
  • travel kit
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